So why would I go and change my screen name from leew4jc to UniekLee? Well, there are a number of reasons, so I thought I would explain.

First of all, I have to say that I had nothing against the screen name leew4jc . It has served me well over the years, and it has significant meaning to me. However, I feel that UniekLee better represents who I am. Here’s why:

The name UniekLee is:

  * Corny
  * Unique
  * Punny
  * South African

Let me explain:


Every time a word ends in -ly my friends find it amusing to use that as a label for me. I have been called everything from “faithful-Lee” to “funnil-Lee” to “amusing-Lee” and many more. I have always found it rather amusing and quite a lot of fun, and so when someone said “unique-Lee” and I thought that was pretty awesome! The reason that I modified this slightly to “UniekLee” is explained below.


“You’re unique, just like everyone else!” This is a saying that is so cliche, but so true, all at the same time! I believe that we are all unique, and I take pride in my uniqueness. I am the way I am because my God has a specific purpose and plan for me. And so I feel that “unique” is one of the best ways to describe me.


The name “unique-Lee” is a great pun - I am unique, just like everyone else and my name is Lee. It’s a winning combination. And as I mentioned above, I believe it is one of the best ways to describe myself. The only the problem is that “UniqueLee” as a name is that is already taken. And so I had to find an alternative. I looked at various spellings, but the only variation that was available on Twitter, Facebook and as a .com was UniekLee. This actually turned out to be an awesome coincidence.

South African

I am a proud South African, and I love my country. We have a multitude of cultures in our country, and the dynamics of this are incredible. One of the results of this rich culture is a total of 11 official languages - that’s a lot of official languages. One of those languages is Afrikaans. It’s an incredible language, born in South Africa. It’s one of the youngest languages in the world, and a beautifully descriptive language. My dad’s side of my family is Afrikaans, and so I have an Afrikaans heritage. All this rambling has a point, and the point is this: the word “unique” in Afrikaans, is the word “uniek .” What a happy coincidence that is; a word, spelt in a way that would be correctly pronounced in English, yet has the same meaning in Afrikaans. And so “UniekLee” has the same meaning and pronunciation as “unique-Lee.” Just so awesome, and so fitting!

Well that’s pretty much it! “UniekLee!” It’s corny, it’s unique, it’s punny and it’s South African. A great combination. What do you guys think of the new name and the significance/meaning of it?