Ok, it’s a controversial title, but it got you reading, didn’t it? Anyway, this is an idea that I believe God kinda dropped into my heart the other day: Evangelism isn’t about getting everyone saved.

Let me explain:

I was praying for a friend that has a lot to do with a christian group in there school. I was praying for encouragement for this friend, and God said to me: you don’t have to save  everyone.

This confused me at first, but God just revealed to me that we fall into this trap of believing that we need to get everyone around us saved. And we then have to go and get everyone that’s not around us saved. That’s our goal - tell everyone about Jesus and make sure that we convince them to give their lives to Him. I’m not sure if I believe that.

If I think about Jesus’ time on earth, He didn’t go around making that everyone turned to Him. He came to represent God to us. He came to shine God’s light into the darkness of our world. And then He died on a cross to free us from the bonds of darkness.

Now don’t get me wrong - Jesus did preach repentance and salvation through God. Everything He did got people saved, caused people to follow Him, and ultimately commit their lives to God. But was that His goal? Was that the reason He came to earth?

The bible says that it is God’s desire that everyone get’s saved, not His goal. And to me, those two things are a little different. I believe that God’s goal is to get Glory. His primary purpose is to glorify Himself. Sure, He wants to get saved, but if everyone had to get saved, we would have no choice in the matter, and how much glory can God get from a forced, unchosen salvation? Surely if He gives us the choice He gets more glory when we choose Him over everything else? And doesn’t that mean that there’s a risk that some may not choose Him?

So here’s my point - if we think of our goal as the church to get everyone saved, are we really working towards God’s goal? Are we following God’s lead? If, however, our desire is to get people saved, but our goal is to tell everyone about God’s justice, grace and mercy; and about Jesus’ sacrifice and the resultant freedom, surely that is more in line with what God wants? And if that is the case, how does that change our views on evangelism?

Now, I may be way off the mark. Or I may not be. I may be right in part, but not completely. I don’t know. But, let’s assume I am right. If I am right, then surely evangelism is not about getting people saved, but rather about telling people about God? Surely it is about shining God’s light into a dark world, and allowing those in the darkness to step into the light if they choose to do so? Surely it’s about showing them God, and letting God change their heart?

As I’ve said, I’m not sure that I am right. I’m not sure that I am right. I want to learn, so tell me, what do you think?