When I started my new job my boss gave me a new laptop.

The illusion

She replaced the one that wasn’t working properly, the one that was inadequate. She did me a favour by removing the thing hindering me from efficient work. I was happy that I had a brand new laptop. I felt special. It was really cool.

The reality

But the reality is that she didn’t buy that for me. She bought that because it would benefit her and the company. The spin off was that I got something really cool, and that I was pleased.

How selfish?!

Was that selfish? No, it was actually really generous. She didn’t expect me to do the impossible. She gave me everything I needed to do the job that she had hired me to do.

A better perspective of salvation

Now when it comes to communion, we often think that Jesus died this death for us. That it was all about making us happy. We think that God gave Jesus to us, for us.

The truth is that God actually gave us Jesus for the benefit of himself. The spin off is that we get to commune with the almighty God. We get Jesus. And that’s awesome.

But we are foolish if we think that God gave His son solely for our benefit.

So what benefit could there be for God? Well, my boss gave me a laptop so that I could tell new people about our company and what we do. It’s also there to keep in contact with our current clients and make sure that they’re happy.

I think of this in terms of God and the Kingdom of God. The truth is that God gave us Jesus to tell others about Him. And to look after those that are already His. Jesus, and His sacrifice, wasn’t entirely for us, but rather for God.

Is that selfish of Him? No! It’s incredibly generous! He has given us an awesome gift, and we benefit massively from this. And what’s more, we have everything that we need to do what God wants us to do. And more. Isn’t that incredible?!

The crux

So let’s not think of Jesus’ death as a gift for us alone. The truth is, it’s a gift for everyone; for us to use in order to glorify God.