Have you ever thought about the concept of eternity, or thought about what it must be like to live forever?

And have you ever considered the fact that God knows all things and is everywhere at the same time? That He is at the beginning of time, and at the crucifixion and with us right now…all at the same time? Well, what if eternity wasn’t living forever.

Let’s talk about a different concept that is also difficult for humans to wrap their heads around, but a little easier to explain: infinity.

Many people think that infinity is a really big number. But infinity isn’t a big number, it’s actually a direction. It would be more accurate to describe infinity as “increasing” rather than “big”.

If you take this notion and apply¬†that to a number line it’s something like this. We count one, two, three, four, etc. And when we get tired of counting we go “and on to infinity.” But let’s look at it like this. At one, we’re increasing. At two, we’re increasing. At three, we’re increasing. And so on. We’re always increasing.

So does that mean that infinity is the number one or the number two or the number three? No, and yes. Infinity is increasing. And so if one and two and three are increasing, then yes, that’s infinity. But it can’t be just one, two and three. It has to be one, two, three and all the other numbers collectively increasing. Infinity is increasing everywhere, not increasing somewhere.

Now, let’s take this logic across to time. Time is always increasing, and unlike¬†numbers, we cannot sit at any one point in time. Time is continuously increasing. And so, in the same way that infinity is every point on the number line increasing at once, eternity is every moment of time increasing at once.

So here’s where God comes in. If God is eternal, perhaps that explains how God is at every moment in time simultaneously. And that’s pretty awesome!