Life is unfair. We all know that. And I’ve actually had enough of being put down by the unfairness that is inherent of life!

Life's unfair, get used to it!

That’s an expression I’ve head far too often. But how much does this help when you’re in the situation? Nothing at all.

Why do we have to get used to unfairness? Should we learn to just accept that things are unfair and get over ourselves and live with it? Is it really that simple?!

NO! It’s seriously difficult to deal with unfairness. It sucks, sometimes. It takes massive character to deal with unfairness properly. And to be honest, I sometimes just don’t feel like the effort that it takes!


Well, first off, I should confess that I’ve been a little misleading in those opening remarks. We typically think about unfairness as a negative thing. Others have some kind of advantage over us. An often unjust or unwarranted advantage over us.

But that’s not the entirety of unfairness. Consider something brilliantly wise that John F Kennedy said:

Life is unfair, but sometimes it's unfair in your favour.

And isn’t that the truth?! We always consider something unfair when the odds are stacked against us. But do we consider things unfair when the odds are stacked in our favour?

Usually, the answer is no.

The other unfair

Last night at our church prayer meeting, God hit me with:

God is so incredibly loving. He lavishes us with love and grace. But so often we get proud and believe that we have earned that favour. And sure, sometimes we have earned it, but sometimes we had nothing to do with it.

  * Perhaps we should learn to take notice of, and learn in, the times where things are unfair in our favour.
  * Perhaps we should rather humble ourselves when things go well and thank God for those times; learn in those times; take advantage of those times, rather than just sqander them admiring ourselves.
  * Perhaps God makes things unfair against us because we don't learn the lessons in the "good" times.
  * Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps...

I don’t really know if that’s how God works. If that’s really the truth of the situation. But what I do know is that we don’t consider both sides of unfair, and we really should.

So, I’m going to try and take note of the times when things are unfair in my favour. I’m going to try to be humble in the good times, and learn in the good times. Who’s going to join me?