We had a great prayer meeting at the Renown Church , Edenvale Campus on Wednesday morning (2015-05-27.) We prayed about a number of things, but there was something that really stood out to me.

It was something that Matt said while he was praying - I can’t remember his exact wording - and a thought really struck me:

What affects my wellbeing: the stuff happening around me, or the stuff happening within me?

What do I mean by this? Well, things in life happen. Sometimes they’re awesome, sometimes they suck and make us want to cry. And that’s normal. However, how do those things affect our perceived wellbeing? And how should they affect us?

I’ve noticed recently that, when asked how I’m doing, I’ve been responding and saying that: “I’m great. Work is going well, stuff happening within the church is super exciting, things are home are good, etc. So I’m good." But is that the way it should be?


How I’m doing should be based on what’s happening within me, not around me. If all those things were to go wrong, would I no longer be ok? Surely my wellbeing is more dependant on what’s happening within me. I mean, I have the God of the universe doing work within me! Surely that is more important than the things that happen around me?

Now, don’t get me wrong. That’s not to say that things that happen should not affect me. I cannot be apathetic to every day occurrences. However, they should not affect my wellbeing, but rather my action. And there’s a big difference.

Anyway, this is not something that I have all figured out. It’s just a thought that was running through my head. But what do you thing? Do the things that happen in your life change your response to “how are you?” or not? And do you think they should. I’d love to have a discussion around this, so share your comments below and let’s chat!