This week Yolandi and I have been getting up early to exercise - we’re on the Joe Wicks 90 day plan. Or at least, she is. And I’m just following along.

Monday - Wednesday this week we got up at 06:30 and exercised. After the exercise we were too hot to jump in the shower, and were trying to wait a little while after the exercise to eat breakfast. So I decided that it was a good time to spend with God. And so I did.

The time with God was amazing. I’m reading the book of Romans and he gave me some incredible revelations, and helped me feel so incredibly loved.

This morning, (Friday,) however we didn’t start the day with exercise, but I’ve just spent with God. And I’ve noticed something:

Time with God, prayer, after exercise is WAY easier than if I haven’t exercised!

I’ve found that I’m super distracted this morning. I’ve got a million things running through my mind, each distracting me from my prayer and from God. After the exercise, that didn’t happen.

Moral of the story?

Exercise before spending time with God - it calms and focusses the mind! Or spend time with God after exercise - I’m way more calm and focused at that time!

Awesome sauce 😎