Once again I’m off to London! A few hours ago I climbed aboard my Qatar flight toward London with the primary purpose of attending my friend’s (Taryn’s) wedding.

While in the UK I will also be visiting other friends (Dean and Carmen) and having a bit of a holiday alone.

Further more, I’m accompanying Gaby on her flight to the UK as she immigrates. All together it makes for a pretty busy trip, but one that I’ve been looking forward to for the last 6 months.

The last few weeks in the lead up to departure have been rather eventful:

  * two weeks ago I went on my first date with the girl of my dreams, Yolandi. We've seen each other at least every second day since then, if not more
  * one and a half weeks ago our church band recorded a live album
  * this last week I've had deadlines at work
  * and I've had to pack and sort out everything surrounding my trip

It has made for a very busy two weeks and I didn’t and still don’t feel quite like I’m heading away on a two and a half week holiday to my favourite place on earth. The reality still hasn’t quite set in.

Today alone made for an eventful departure day. On leaving the house I was reminded by Yolandi that I didn’t have my suit with me - the suit for the wedding the whole trip was based around. I also realised, as we attempted to check in at the airport, that I had forgotten my passport at home and had to send for my brother to fetch it!

It made for a rushed afternoon and goodbye to my mom and gorgeous girlfriend, but I ended up on the plane with the most crucial things with me!

Now we wait to see what the rest of the adventure holds!